Product Roadmap

Mevaul strives to become the Google Drive or Dropbox of DApps. We put a high priority on user experience so that users have an easy time transitioning from their centralized service to us.

We understand that most DApps fail not because they are technicially weak but because they have a bad user experience. Yes, users care about privacy and decentralization but in most cases, they care about their comfort more. So it's essential that the same quality of UI and UX is provided to users, if not better, for them to make the switch. That's why we are working on Mevaul while giving a special focus to UI/UX. With this, we hope to make a DApp that people love to use.

Our roadmap is roughly a gradual rollout of the following -

  • Basic web app
  • Desktop app with sync
  • Adding features iteratively in both web and desktop apps

We will add in more details later. Follow us on Twitter to stay updated on any news.