What is Mevaul?

Mevaul is an alternative to Dropbox and Google Drive with file storage, synchronization and sharing features.

What does it cost?

Mevaul is free for personal use. Though, if you need to use it with your team, we are working on Team features as well as a pro license.

What is the role of Blockstack here?

Blockstack provides us with the technology to host data in a decentralized fashion using Gaia and allows features such as sharing of data while maintaing full user control of their data.

How can I trust Blockstack?

Blockstack is an open source project so it is peer-reviewed and trustable. This also means that Blockstack can't technically go away since their source code is publicily available. Anyone can start their own Blockstack.

Where does Blockstack store my data?

Your data is stored in a Gaia hub of your choosing. Right now, Blockstack uses Azure to store data for the users. You are free to spin up your own node to store your data.

How is my data safe on Azure?

Your data is stored in an encrypted fashion on the storage provider of your choice. So technically, even if Azure decides to take your data, it's of no use to them as it is strongly encrypted. The data can be decrypted using private keys that you own.